Degreaser Kitchen

Spray Bottle 500 ml

Extremely powerful, concentrated kitchen degreasing spray

Degreaser Kitchen

What is it?

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What does it do?

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Getting started

Before use:

Surface requirements

Do not use on perspex or painted or vulnerable surfaces.

During use:

Directions for use

Rotate the spray head a quarter turn to ON. Spray undiluted onto the surface to be cleaned and allow it to work in for a few seconds. Rub in using a damp (dish)cloth or sponge. Rinse with hot water. Repeat this process if necessary. Rotate the spray head to OFF after use. Cleaning kitchen equipment: spray it onto a damp cloth, rub it over the surfaces to be cleaned (remember to remove the plug from the electricity socket) and then dry it off.


Use Stainless Steel Cleaner for a long-lasting, bright shine on stainless steel surfaces.

Points of attention

Before starting it is recommended to test the product on a small, unseen area.

After use:

Storage conditions

Keep in a dark, cool place, in an upright position, during storage or transportation.

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