Glue Tools

Find the right product for your job.

  • Glue Gun Hobby

    Glue Gun for hobbyists and for decorative purposes.

  • Glue Gun Super

    Glue Gun for do-it-yourself and semi-professional use.

  • Glue Stick Hobby Transparent

    Transparent glue sticks for Bison Glue Gun Hobby. Ø 7 mm.

  • Glue Stick Super Transparent

    Transparent and high- strength HOT MELT glue sticks Folding Box with a diameter of 11 mm for DIY work, repairing, fixing, sealing and insulating. Ideal usable/workable in BISON GLUE GUN SUPER HOT MELT, but also suited for all commercially available hot melt glue guns with Ø 11mm glue sticks.

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