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Everyone sometimes suffers from a leaking gutter, penetrating damp or moisture being absorbed by the floor. Fortunately, these problems are easily resolved with Bison Rubber Seal. One product is all that is needed for a 100% waterproof result on virtually all substrates in and around your home.


Every house contains moisture. In stale smelling cellars and sheds, bathrooms and difficult to reach places. Avoid moisture becoming a problem.


Wallpapering is great fun and absolutely not difficult. You just need the right materials and a bit of help. If you take things step-by-step, you can wallpaper the whole house in no time.

Waste? Just fix it!

When an object breaks, you can get it fixed again in an easy, fast and durable way. Regardless whether it is a piece of furniture, a household object, a kid’s toy, shoes or anything else. Our adhesives are your partner to get the repair job done.