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How to repair

1: Clean the surfaces well

Clean the surfaces from dirt, rust, grease, or paint residues to ensure strong adhesion. Do not touch these surfaces after cleaning.

Tip: Grease can be removed with acetone or alcohol.

2: Apply the right amount

Apply the right quantity of adhesive in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. Too much glue increases the drying time and can reduce the strength. Most of the time a thin layer is sufficient. 

Tip: If you cannot find the information on the packaging, search the product in our catalogue and consult the Technical Data Sheet.

3: Protect the repaired spot

Press parts together and protect the repaired spot from any outer influences until the adhesive is completely dry. Be careful no dirt, dust or moist touches the repaired area during drying time. 

4: Respect the curing time

Curing times differ per product. From few seonds to even a small amount of hours. Respect the indicated final curing time following the product instructions. Only then we can ensure strong, long-lasting adhesion of the repaired parts.

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Repair solutions

Depending on the material, surface size, the application area (inside or outside), some products are more suitable than others. We give you the right repair solution for your repair job.

Powerful & flexible

If you are looking for a powerful and flexible all in one solution, for extreme long-lasting and ultra resistant repair results. Bison Max Repair Power is the right partner for you.

Super fast & easy

You need a super fast & easy to use repair adhesive for instant strong repair results? Our Super Glue Control is the ideal partner for all SOS repairs. When every second counts!

Instant & all weather-resistant

Wether you want to repair a leaking sanitary equipment, a hole in a tent roof, a bicycle saddle or seal a damaged tube, Grizzly Tape® is the resistant, durable, all weather-resistant solution to get things fixed in an instant. 

Universal instant bonding

Broken carpets or furniture lamination, materials that need to be very resilient, can be repaired easily with the all-time original: Bison Kit

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We care for sustainability

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Repair Café

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