Golden sealant tips

How can I work with sealant?

Golden sealant tips

A couple of golden tips for the ultimate sealant joint.

Cut at an angle 
Open the spout with the Silicone Multi Tool so that the sealant can be pushed out in an unimpeded manner from the cartridge. If you are going to seal a dilation joint then cut the spout off straight. If you want to make a join for a bath or kitchen unit then cut the spout at an angle of 20° with an opening of 6 to 7 mm so that you can fill each joint properly. If you cut off the spout at a more oblique angle, the sealant has the tendency to curl upwards.

Not hollow 
Negative concave (hollow) joints can be used, for example, for a tiled floor. You make all horizontal joints under 45° flat and taut so that there is barely room for standing water. Preferably do not finish off with hollow seals. Elasticity and tensile strength is partly determined by the mass of the sealant bead. This decreases with a hollow bead. Furthermore, all kinds of dirt can become deposited in a hollow seam.


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