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Renovating the bathroom and/or kitchen is a big job that is often taken on. You can do a lot of things yourself. Start with the floor, then the walls, and finally the finish!


Waterproofing joints

You can easily prevent leaks in your bathroom by treating joints between walls and floors with a waterproof coating. Then you can finish the bathroom.

Waterproofing the shower drain

Make sure that there are no leaks at the shower drain. Therefore, apply a waterproof coating before finishing the floor of the shower.


Wallpapering with non-woven paper

Beautiful (photo) wallpaper on the eye, but don't you dare to wallpaper yourself? Just do it! Wallpapering yourself is easier than you think.

Wallpapering with paper

When using wallpaper with a paper backing it is still applied the old-fashioned way using a pasting table. You apply the paste to the paper and not the wall.


Bath sealing

You can replace sealant edges around the bath yourself. Follow the step-by-step plan for removing old sealant and applying new sealant. And your bath is waterproof!

Removing kit

Not the nicest job, but necessary to do it well. Therefore, remove the old sealant edge according to these steps.