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Waterproofing & Roof Repair

Do you suffer from a leaking gutter, seams or cracks where water comes through or a damp basement wall? There are several ways to waterproof large and small surfaces indoors and outdoors.

Small repairs

The drill hole is too large or are you sealing decorative plaster and stucco? You can do these small repairs yourself. Read the tips!

Sealing seams and cracks

For neatly finishing off seams, waterproofing cracks, or preventing draughts in the kitchen or the bathroom, for example, or for specific jobs.


Bonding materials together, mounting something against the wall, decorating you home or garden, etc.; the possibilities are endless!

Moisture and mold control

Fight damp, condensation, mould and musty odours! There is moisture in every house. In musty basements, sheds, bathrooms and in places you hardly ever go. Prevent moisture from becoming a problem.

Bathroom & kitchen remodeling

Renovating the bathroom and/or kitchen is a big job that is often taken on. You can do a lot of things yourself. Start with the floor, then the walls, and finally the finish!

An easy guide to wallpapering

Wallpapering is actually great fun and in no way difficult. You just need the right materials and a bit of help. If you take things step-by-step, you can wallpaper the whole house in no time!