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Does your house suffer from a gutter that leaks, has seams and cracks through which water can enter or is your basement wall damp? We have the solution.


Waterproofing joints

You can easily prevent leaks in your bathroom by treating joints between walls and floors with a waterproof coating. Then you can finish the bathroom.

Waterproofing the shower drain

Make sure that there are no leaks at the shower drain. Therefore, apply a waterproof coating before finishing the floor of the shower.


Gutter repair

Is the gutter leaking after a heavy rain shower? Follow these steps to make the gutter waterproof again.

Protecting garden posts

Follow these steps to protect wooden garden posts from wood rot. For example, the wooden posts used in fences, pergolas, swings.

Waterproofing skylight

Nothing is more annoying than a leak coming from the roof. Therefore, make sure that you waterproof elements on the roof properly. Like a skylight.