We’ve drawn up a list of the jobs that often tend to be put off. Do you recognise the following? Read how they can easily and quickly be dealt with here.

Living room

  • Cable ducting. Loose cables can cause a lot of problems. This doesn’t include the fact that dust collects between the cables. Cable ducting can easily sort out this problem. You can make them disappear with Bison Poly Max® Crystal Express. Looking for a temporary solution, or is the property rented? Secure the cable ducting with Bison Montagekit® Extreme Grip Tape.
  • Fitting skirting boards. Fitting skirting boards is a job that is often put off once the new floor has been installed. But with Bison Poly Max® High Tack Express you can quickly and easily fix them permanently. Are there still seams or spaces between the skirting board and the floor? Fill them right away using the correct colour with Bison Wood Sealant.
  • Loose wallpaper. Sometimes the seams between wallpaper strips can loosen. These can be quickly stuck back again with Bison Wall & Finish® Repair Adhesive. Thanks to the unique twist applicator with two positions you always apply just the right amount. 
  • Loose floor covering. Floor coverings can also loosen after intensive use. Use Bison Kit® when doing small sections. For larger sections of floor covering that’s come loose, use Bison Flooring Adhesive.
  • Slits and cracks. When a house warms up a lot of the joins on painted wood open up. These can be filled with Bison Acrylic 30 mintues in just 30 minutes. For cracks in plasterwork or filler use Bison Acrylic Universal.

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  •  Replacing sealant joints. Mouldy sealant is ugly and a real eyesore. Replacing it often tends to be put off. Roll up your sleeves and fix it for years to come! First remove as much of the remnants of the old sealant as possible with the Bison Multi Tool. Apply Bison Silicone Remover to any remaining pieces of the old sealant and let it work in for a couple of hours. Carefully remove the last bits because nothing sticks to silicone! Now degrease the section where you want to apply the new sealant with household ammonia. For the new sealant use Bison Silicone Sanitary.
  • Mould spots. Is your shower wall on an external wall, and/or is your bathroom difficult to ventilate? If so, this can lead to ugly mould spots. Mould spots on the wall can be sprayed with Bison Mildew Remover Power Foam. This product contains substances that go deep into the surface and, therefore, removes mould spots. Is the mould spot on the ceiling and is the plasterwork no longer properly attached because of the mould? Use a little sponge to dab the Schimmelvreter® onto the affected spot.

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Small jobs

  • Broken toys. Broken wooden toys can be quickly and easily repaired with Bison Super Glue Industry. When using Super Glue: less adhesive means a better join. Plastic toys are best repaired with Bison Max Repair
  • Worn shoes. Has the sole or heel of your show come loose? Then use Bison Kit® to make a really sound repair. 
  • Non-slip. Can’t be bothered searching for the dog’s dish when it has finished eating? Apply a thin layer of Bison Max Repair to the underside of the metal dish. The dish will no longer slide about when the dog is eating. This tip also works with the dish for the cat, a child’s plate, your keyboard, etc. It is important that you only apply a thin layer of adhesive so that it provides just a non-slip layer and not a thick layer.

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