Wallpapering tips from the expert



  • Do you prefer trendy wallpaper with large patterns? Then always buy a little extra paper. This means you always have a little spare to ensure that the pattern runs properly over the walls.
  • Always buy a little more than you need, it’s not just annoying if you run short of a roll, but the same roll may no longer be in stock.
  • Before starting always check to ensure the rolls have all be given the same colour tone by checking the manufacturer’s serial numbers.
  • By not wallpapering, but instead painting the top part of the wall the same as the ceiling, it makes small rooms with high ceilings look more spacious. 
  • Right-handed people should work from left to right, and vice versa for left-handed.
  • Use embossed wallpaper on walls that have rougher, uneven surfaces, which makes them look better. 
  • Do the wall with the window in it last of all It’s often possible to use the leftover pieces of wallpaper that fit perfectly above and below the window. 
  • Always take the light into account when choosing wallpaper. The colour of the wallpaper in a room facing south will also look warmer than the same wallpaper in a room facing north.

Did you know that wallpapering burns up the calories?

One hour of wallpapering on average burns 293 calories, which is the same as jogging for an hour at a moderate pace or one hour in the aqua-gym. Therefore once you are finished you can indulge in a cup of coffee and a biscuit while enjoying your handiwork, without the slightest feeling of guilt.