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Do you want to start a job, but could you use some explanation on how to go about it? We have listed a lot of jobs for you in a step-by-step plan...


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Bath sealing

You can replace sealant edges around the bath yourself. Follow the step-by-step plan for removing old sealant and applying new sealant. And your bath is waterproof!

Decorative wall panel

Give your living room a different look in no time with this easy-to-make wall panel.

Gutter repair

Is the gutter leaking after a heavy rain shower? Follow these steps to make the gutter waterproof again.

Opening a cartridge

Want to get started with a product in a cartridge? Read here how to open a cartridge and place it in a caulking gun. You can get started right away.

Preparing for wallpapering

Good preparation is half the battle! For optimal results, the surface should be porous, firm, clean, dry, even, and free of dust and grease. Don't forget to turn off the power

Protecting garden posts

Follow these steps to protect wooden garden posts from wood rot. For example, the wooden posts used in fences, pergolas, swings.

Removing kit

Not the nicest job, but necessary to do it well. Therefore, remove the old sealant edge according to these steps.