Air Max® Moisture Absorber

Device 2*450 2x450g White Neutral

Device that fights condensation, moisture and stale smells in spaces with little or no ventilation.

Air Max® Moisture Absorber

What is it?

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What does it do?

Suitable for:

Lowers high levels of relative humidity in closed spaces with little or no ventilation. Suitable for caravan, boat, barn, meter cupboard, attic, pantry, basement, crawl space, guest room, wardrobe, gazebo, kitchen, safe and laundry room.

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Getting started

During use:


Always place the Air Max® Moisture Absorber Original on a flat and stable surface.

Points of attention

  • At lower temperatures the Moisture Absorber works more slowly and clumping can occur. Increasing the temperature will speed up the working again. Avoid spilling of refill or collected moisture: leather, wood, stone and metal can be affected negatively.

After use:


  • Spilled fluid can cause surface marks. These spots continue to attract moisture. Remove stains with an abundance of water. Stains in textiles (floor coverings, lining) can be removed with sodium sulphate. Make a 5% solution with water (50 g/l) and spread it on the stain. Let it soak for approx. 30 minutes. Next, dry the stain by using a hairdryer or electric heater. Remove the remaining powder with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the process if necessary. Rinse wash basin or sink with an abundance amount of water.

Storage conditions

Store in well-sealed packaging in a cool, dry and frost free place.

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