Glue Gun Hobby

Gun (Blister)

Glue Gun for hobbyists and for decorative purposes

Glue Gun Hobby

What is it?

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What does it do?

Suitable for:

Glues many porous and non porous materials in seconds such as wood, various plastics, textile, cardboard, ceramics, glass etc to themselves and to each other. With a high meltig capacity and is suited for DIY and all household repairs. Glues almost all materials quickly, neatly, permanently and reliably. Ideal for making dried flower bouquets, decorating (photo) frames and model making. Multifunctional. Especially for hobbyists and for decorative purposes use.

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Getting started

Before use:

Working conditions

When using this hot melt glue gun, always follow basic safety precautions. This will reduce the posibillity of accidental injury due to burs or electrical shock.

Personal safety

Contact with hot nozzle or molten glue can cause burns. Always keep device out of reach of children. Never try to speed up cooling process by holding gun under the tap. Always allow to cool naturally. Check cord regularly for damages or ruptures. For safety reasons, do not use glue gun if damaged.

Surface requirements

The areas to be bonded must be dry, clean, and free of dust and grease. If necessary, roughen up smooth surfaces before applying glue to allow the glue to stick better.

During use:

Directions for use

When using this hot melt glue gun, always follow basic safety precautions. Put gun in clamp and plug in the outlet. Insert glue stick Ø 7 mm into glue gun and allow to warm up for 5 minutes. Squeeze trigger to apply glue on the harder material and do not apply too thinly. Press parts firmly within 15-20 seconds. The connection is solid and can be loaded within 2 minutes (depending on thickness of glue layer). The final bond strenght is reached after 2 hours. Important: Timely insert a new glue stick behind the old one in order to avoid overheating. Avoid contact with hot nozzle. When gun is not in use for 60 minutes or longer, unplug cord from the outlet. Apply the glue in beads on flexible materials and in beads or dots on hard materials. Larger surfaces are difficult to bond because glue may solidify before applied to entire surface. Bonding strenght is the best when the parts are joined as soon as the glue is applied. After loading a new cartridge, allow the gun to heat up again.

Points of attention

  • This tool must be placed on its stand when not in use. It is for indoor use only. Never leave the glue gun unattended if it is still hot or connected to supply mains. Some materials are heat-sensitve and can be damaged by the hot nozzle or even the hot glue. Never remove glue sticks from glue gun, this could damage the mechanism. Never insert other objects into the glue gun than the recommended glue sticks.
  • Be careful when using the glue gun near to combustible materials. Do not use the glue gun in explosive environments.

After use:


Glue residue can only be removed mechanically.

Storage conditions

After use, allow glue gun to cool completely prior to storage. When not in use, the glue gun should be stored in dry and secure location out of the reach of children.

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