Rigid PVC Adhesive

Bottle with brush 100 ml

Adjustable, liquid, THF-free rigid PVC cement

Rigid PVC Adhesive

What is it?

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What does it do?

Suitable for:

For joining pipes, sockets and fittings with interference fit in drainage systems. Suitable for diameters ≤ 160 mm. Maximal tolerances: 0.3 mm diametrical clearance / 0.2 mm press fit. Suitable for e.g. pipe systems conforming to EN1329, 1453 and 1455.

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Getting started

Before use:

Working conditions

Do not use in temperatures ≤ +5°C.

During use:

Directions for use

1. Saw off pipes squarely, chamfer and deburr. 2. Clean adhesive surfaces with acetone and a clean, lint-free cloth. 3. Apply adhesive rapidly and evenly lengthways to both bonding surfaces (pipe thickly, sleeve thinly). 4. Assemble joint immediately. Joint is adjustable for some time. Remove excess adhesive. For the first 10 minutes, do not load the joint mechanically. Properly close the container immediately after use.

After use:


Remove adhesive stains with acetone and a clean, lint-free cloth.

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