Silicone Remover

Bottle with brush 100 ml

To safely and thoroughly remove old silicone sealant residues

Silicone Remover

What is it?

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What does it do?

Suitable for:

Suitable for thoroughly removing cured silicone sealant residues in joints and on substrates. Can be used on ceramic tiles, glass, metal, synthetics, laminates, aluminium and enamels.

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for to be used on nylon. May cause staining on porous materials and painted surfaces.

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Getting started

Before use:

Working conditions

Do not use in temperatures ≤ +5 °C.

Surface requirements

The substrate must be properly dry, clean and free of dust and grease. Remove as much of the existing silicon sealant as possible .

Preliminary surface treatment

Use a sharp knife/putty knife to cut away the silicone sealant as much as possible and a dry cloth for the last remaining bits.


BISON Multitool, Sharp box cutter, Cleaning Cloth, Sponge

During use:

Directions for use

Shake closed bottle vigorously for about a minute. Cut old sealant loose with a sharp box cutter/ knife. Use the hook of the BISON Multitool to pull out the old sealant out of the joint. Apply the paste generously onto the old sealant residue. Allow to act for at least 30 minutes. Remove old sealant residues with cleaning cloth or sponge. If necessary, repeat the treatment. Clean the joint thoroughly with a sponge and water. Degrease the surface with a lint-free cloth and ammonia. Let it dry thoroughly. Ready for a new sealant application.


Test the remover on a non-visible spot as staining may occur on sensitive materials.

After use:

Storage conditions

Store in properly sealed packaging in a dry place at between +5 °C and +25 °C.

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